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We raised $13,986 for Chabad of Aston!

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Make It Happen! 

Let's Light Up The World!


Being the only Jewish organization in the area we ensure every Jew has a place. Through education and community we ensure that no Jew is left behind. Adding in one mitzvah at a time.


Partner with us in..


Putting up another Mezuza


Putting up another public Menorah


Ensuring a Jewish baby gets a Bris


Ensuring a Jewish burial 


Ensuring Shabbos candles are lit


Giving a family the Shabbos experience


Giving a child Jewish education


Giving meals to those that need


Celebrating Jewish holidays


Celebrating a bar mitzvah at any age


Inspiring Torah education 


Inspiring hope


Supporting struggling families


Providing emotional support 


Adding one mitzvah at a time 


Let’s make it happen together!

Partner with us to raise $18,000 over three days and together WE WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

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